Ally and Moe in Gator Gear Ally and Moe before the 2008 BCS National Championship Game in Miami
Andrew and Moe at Tina's Wedding in Chicago Andrew and Moe at Tina's wedding at the Drake Hotel in Chicago

Here's a little site dedicated to me. It contains a glimpse into my life and the things I like to do. As a graduating master's student, and previous UF bachelor's recipient, I have grown to love the Gator Nation. This past January, I was lucky enough to get tickets to the 2008 BCS Championship Game and watched our team regain the title of National Champs yet again. Over the years at UF, I have found my closest friends. And all of their wedding invitations, that seem to arrive more frequently than exams these days, serve as a constant reminder that I have reached the elder tier on campus. But, it doesn't shame me. I would rather be 75 years old and a college student than be working in the real world anyday.

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