I grew up in South Florida, five minutes from the beach and just a quick highway drive away from legendary spring break destinations like Fort Lauderdale and Miami. So many people visit my home town, but after being raised on heat, humidity and traffic, all I have ever wanted was to leave. Maybe I will come home someday, but not before Iím finished seeing as much of the world as I can. Here are a few places my travels have taken me so far, each unique and wonderful and somehow, a part of who I am.

New York

I am the first in my family not to be born and raised in New York. I love the city and the snow and the culture to be found there. I want to attend graduate school at NYU and try my hand at living and working in the city. Maybe itís a little clichť and idealistic, but I feel like itís something everyone needs to do at some point.


I spent two weeks in Italy with a few of my friends and our families when we graduated from high school. We went to Rome and Florence and toured the Tuscan countryside. It was my first trip abroad, and I couldnít get enough of the art museums and the scenery, not to mention the food. My fatherís family is Italian and I would like to go back to see more of the country and try to track some of them down. My first night in Rome, I lined up with all of the other tourists to throw my coin in the Trevi Fountain, which apparently means itís fated that Iíll go back someday.


During the 2008 fall semester, I participated in the Florida Fly-Ins international journalism program at UF. We spent a week in rural, Zacapa, Guatemala reporting on issues of hunger and malnutrition. My team and I spent the week in a tiny town called Llano Verde. We followed a poor family with six children, who lived and worked on a dairy farm for barely enough money to live on. It was a hard experience, but an unforgettable one. I think we all learned a lot that week, as journalists and as human beings.


For now, all I have seen of England is a couple of airports and a few tired glimpses of the countryside out a bus window during a layover. By this time next year, I will have spent four months living, working and taking classes in London as part of a study abroad internship program. Maybe itís from such trivial things as a love of Earl Grey, Harry Potter and celebrities named Hugh, but I have always been drawn to England, and I am very excited.