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Liz and her Family at Magic Kingdom

Sadly, I have not yet taken a life-changing trip. I hope to study abroad in Spain within the next few years so I can become more fluent in Spanish. I also have always really wanted to see the sights. One of my best friends is from Spain and spends every summer there. Iíve always been so jealous of her.

Because I come from such a large family, one of us is always busy so it is difficult to plan a long family vacation. Iím not a Florida native, so Disneyworld has yet to lose its appeal for me. Iím a huge Disney fanatic, so it is actually one of my favorite places.

Every year the Behrman family packs their bags and goes to Christmas Party at the Magic Kingdom. The lines are so much shorter than they are usually, and the fake snow that falls on Main Street is always exciting to see. My mom always gets the famous picture of me and my siblings in front of the castle.