A little bit about me...

Liz Behrman

My name is Liz Behrman and this is my Website. I am 18 years old and I am a freshman at the University of Florida. I am majoring in journalism with an outside concentration in Spanish. I want to be a reporter, but I love editing as well. Iím not sure what I will do with my degree yet, but Iím having fun taking the classes.

I was born in Cincinnati, Ohio but I have lived in Tampa, Florida for the past five years. I miss the weather changes up north, but now Iím too much of a baby to go back to the cold.

I have two younger brothers and a younger sister. I fight with them constantly, even now when I only see them about once a month. I donít have any pets, but I count my youngest brother as one.

As Iím sure you can tell, my favorite color is purple. I probably eat more junk-food than anyone else I know and I spend a good portion of my day on Facebook. I sleep way too much for any normal college kid and I talk and sing to myself whenever I'm alone.

So please, feel free to explore my site. I had a lot of fun creating it and learning about the design. I hope that after youíre finished exploring youíll know a little bit more about me. I promise you wonít be too disappointed!