My mom took me to Paris in 2006 for my high school graduation. It quickly became my favorite place and I can't wait to go back there someday. On my trip I experienced the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre Museum, Museum d'Orsay, Versailles, Notre Dame and even Claude Monet's estates. Our hotel was located near Champs Elysees, which featured lots of shopping and cafes. However, getting home was not so fun. We were in Paris when the attempted attack on London Heathrow Airport happened, so security was tight on all U.S. flights. I remember being bused to the airplane, where armed guards stood at the entrance. Overall though, it was the trip of a lifetime.


Travel Collage

I've been to the Bahamas twice on Royal Caribbean cruises. However, my favorite place to visit is a little town called Port Lucaya, in which my family and I traveled to a few times on my uncle's yacht. These trips were a lot of fun because I was with my family and we were on our own schedule, unlike being on a cruise. Also, in 2006 my dad had emergency brain surgery to remove a golf-ball size tumor, and about a month after his surgery he was healthy enough to go with us to Port Lucaya. It's a family vacation I will never forget.

Las Vegas

I have been to Las Vegas three times. I traveled their every year for a gymnastics competition starting when I was 10. Since I couldn't gamble, I really enjoyed touring all the hotels with my teammates and admiring the architecture. I also enjoyed the food as well as some of the local attractions, like the roller coaster surrounding the New York New York hotel.


A week in Aruba is a week in paradise. It really is a place out of a brochure with its white sandy beaches, bright blue water and abundant palm trees. I enjoyed relaxing by the beach or pool, driving around the island in a rental car and snorkeling. Initially, I was nervous about going there after the Natalie Holloway incident, but I never felt unsafe and it truly is "one happy island."


I rang in the 2009 New Year in Biloxi, Miss., with my boyfriend and his family. It was fun going from casino to casino, and I enjoyed some amazing buffets with crab legs, shrimp and prime rib. One day we took a drive along the Gulf Coast and witnessed some of the destruction still left by Hurricane Katrina. This was an eye-opening experience and made me really appreciate what I have.