I like any form of traveling, such as by car, plane or boat. My favorite place to travel is anywhere with a beach. I love listening to the ocean waves crash against the shore. I've been a lot of places, as you will learn by visiting my travel page. But places I still want to go include: New York City, London, Hawaii, California and Australia.


I love taking pictures! Personal photographs of friends and family cover the walls of my room. Recently, I've gotten more serious about photography because as a journalist I think it is important to be able to get the story as well as the photos.


Growing up, I was a competitive gymnast and the athleticism has stuck with me. After retiring from gymnastics at 16, I joined the golf team and tennis team at my high school. I also enjoy playing soccer, softball and flag football. My favorite sport to watch is football, especially the Gators!


Yes, I'm your typical girl in the sense that I love shopping! However, my favorite type of shopping is bargain shopping. Being a college a student, I don't have much to spend on clothes so I go out and try to find the best deals. Some of my favorite stores include: Macy's, Forever 21, American Eagle, H&M, Target and Express.


Cooking is a fairly new hobby for me. Living on my own has forced me to learn, and I love to experiment. I also love to eat, which is probably why I enjoy it too. I like to bake, but my favorite dish to make is spaghetti. I also like making big breakfasts, like pancakes or waffles, eggs and bacon.


I like to play Texas Hold Em' online as well as with my friends for fun. I've also played at Hard Rock Hotel in Tampa, Fla., as well as in casinos in Biloxi, Miss. Next stop: Viva Las Vegas!