Lizard Love

When I moved to Florida almost 9 years ago, I saw a lizard in the wild for the first time. My mom bought me a bug cage and I used it to house the lizards I caught. I never kept them for more than a few hours, and I only caught the small ones because the big ones frightened me. As I got older, the phase didn't end. In fact, my interest in these tiny dinosaurs grew. Finally, in October 2006, I purchased my first pair of baby Rankin Dragons.

My Two Favorite Creatures

I purchased my dragons from a reptile store in Gainesville. I had been visiting the shop regularly for a few months and talking to the employees about the different animals and how to care for them. I was originally set on buying a pair of Bearded Dragons, but they get about twice the size of Rankin Dragons. My babies will grow to be about foot long, but the beardies would be an extra foot that I couldn't handle. I learned all of this stuff from a really great reptile forum. Out of 8 dragons, I chose the two that seemed to be the most active. I love them both!

An Addition to the Family

Eventually I would like to get a Yellow Water Monitor, which is kind of like a baby Komodo Dragon. I don't have the room in my house to provide adequate living space for a little monster that can get up to 4 feet long. Plus, I don't know if I'm prepared to serve small birds and mice for dinner yet. Perhaps my monitor will be a vegetarian.

Rankin Dragon Zombie sitting on bed Rankin Dragon Zeusa sitting on bed
This is little Zeusa on my bed
This is little Zombie on my bed