My Resume.

My Resume.


In obtaining a position or an internship with a company/corporation with a creative edge, I hope to place myself in an environment where I can implement my desire for supreme quality and express my acute attention for detail. I wish to offer not only my enthusiasm and experience in the technological realm but in the artistic as well. A prime product is only obtained through creativity, stamina and mental focus as well as mental toughness: all qualities that I possess.


1995-1999(projected graduation date) The University of Florida Gainesville, FL BA - Music with Computer Studies

Obtained an extensive background in Computer software, programming and structures as well as Electronic music, music theory and performance.

Software (IBM and Mac) knowledge: Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point (Office 97), Windows 3.1/95/98, Word Perfect 6.0, Lotus 1-2-3, Adobe PhotoShop 4.0, Claris Works, L-View Pro, Digital Performer 2.3, Finale, ProTools, Quicken, Pawn Power, Harvard Draw, Print Shop, etc.

Programming language knowledge: Java, C++, COBOL, CSound, MIPS (assembly).

Interests and Activities

Interests (Job oriented): Digital sound programming, composition and processing, VRML, Digital sound generation, Graphic design/ text editing, HTML. (Leisure): Weight training, nutrition, music (guitar/piano), and athletics.

Activities (@ UF): Varsity Crew team, Chi-Alpha Christian fraternity, Florida bands and involvement with the FEMU (Florida Electroacoustic Music Studio).

Work experience

1997 - 1999 The Gold Standard Gainesville, FL Pawn Broker Loans. Merchandise appraisals. Sales. Customer service and public relations. Store protection. Handling of financial records and finances. Use of computer (Pawn Power) for customer account records/financial status and inventory.

1996 - 1997 SHANDS at AGH Gainesville, FL Nurse Technician Patient transport and care. Assisting in surgery preparations. Sterilization of operating rooms. Work with and transportation of biohazard and hazardous materials.

1995 - 1997 Florida Leisure Co. Weeki Wachi, FL Lifeguard Guest safety, care and relations. Park maintenance.

1993 - 1995 Sybra Inc. Weeki Wachi, FL Food Services Food preparation. Cashiering. Customer service.


Salvador and Aimie Fluriach - (352) 332-4372. Gainesville, FL.

Nelson and Edna Dellamaggiore - (352) 597-9301 - Spring Hill, FL.

Jerry and Eve Milby - (352) 688-5279 - Spring Hill, FL.

Bob and Karen Love - (516) 288-0643 - West Hampton Beach, NY.

Helen Roach - (703) 481-8381- Washington D.C.

Gordon and Marie Landon - (888) 527-3190 - Beverly Hills, FL.

Christopher Hess - (206) 782-7508 - Seattle, WA.