I was born July 14th, 1977 in Corpus Christi Texas. Due to my fathers position in the Navy my family moved 6 months later and I have never returned....perhaps one day. I grew up traveling to new places, every so often, which gave me a love for traveling. I have yet to travel out of the U.S., besides living on Andros Island in the Bahamas. I grew up with my mother and two sisters for the most part of my life due to my parents separation at an early age. My older sister, Christie, is now married and lives/works in Jacksonville, FL. My younger sister, Natalie, is a fellow student here at UF as a nutrition major. My mother is remarried and lives in Weeki Wachee, FL, where her and my step-father have taken over the real estate industry. As for my father, he resides in New Orleans Louisiana with his wife. My sisters and I get to see him regularly, which has been a plus growing up.

College has been such a learning experience. I have spent most of my time trying to discover who I am and what my passions/interests in life are. I still have had no luck, but feel I am getting closer and am trying to take one day at a time and trying not to get too frusterated. I really couldn't think of anything more important to me than my family and friends. Time with my family and friends is one of the things I look forward to the most. I have really enjoyed going to root on the Gators in Ben Hill these past 5 seasons. School worked out just right that I got to graduate at the end of the Fall semester/end of another football season. Below is a picture of me and a bunch of friends singing the Alma Mater during the end of the third quarter at a game last year.

I recently aquired a new friend, Farley, a Jack Russell Terrier pup. I bought him from a horse farm in late July and my life has never been the same since. He is quite a handful, due to the fact that he never seems to run out of energy. I would prefer a larger dog but I feel apartment living is torturous to a dog over 15 pounds. I hope to teach him to catch frisbee one day. Below is a picture of Farley a couple of weeks after I got him, probably around 7-8 weeks of age. He has doubled in size since.

I frequently visit my dad, usually in February, during Mardi Gras. I have attended these festivities for the past 5 years now. Last year myself and 14 of my friends rented a 15 passenger van and headed down to the Bayou. My dad has a finished garage so we all made due for sleeping arrangements. Below is a picture of the crew before we head out for a night on Burbon street. If you are into a crazy party scene you should definitly check out Nah' Lins during MaRdI GrAs. WHAT A BLAST!

Last summer I ventured on a lone road trip for 3500 miles. I traveled to Memphis to see my aunt, then to Bowling Green Kentucky to see some friends. Finally I made my way up to New York and out on Long Island to spend some time with my cousin Bob, his wife Karen and thier two kids Hanna and Alex. They live in the wonderful town of West Hampton on the south shore. Below is a picture during the home stretch...road rage had set in.

After college...who knows. I currently work at The Gold Standard, Gainesville's premier pawn shop. I am truely blessed to have been exposed to not only the world of pawn but the wonderful people whom own and manage the store I am currently employed. I have come to understand and build relationships with all types of people due to this job. I could easily write a book relaying all my experiences and telling of all the people I have encountered. Well the plan for now is to work for The Gold Standard for a while. I hope to get another job at a music store selling guitars. After my roomie Dave completes his education we plan on going into business together in the area of sports nutrition and fitness. Just trying to let destiny take it's toll on me. What a puzzle life is.