The wonder years in Trinidad & Tobago

The beginning of my life's journey was on the small island of Tobago. As you can see, I enjoyed the outdoors and the water. I would swim every day in the crystal blue waters of Charlotteville Bay, the village where I grew up. Charlotteville is located on the northern tip of the island which juts out into the Caribbean Sea.

Me on the Beach

Charlotteville Bay

This is my house in Tobago, which dates back to the early 1900's. The original framework, built just before my great-great grandparents moved in, was damaged by two hurricanes in 1933 and 1968. So we have renovated quite a bit of the structure. It was one of the plantation quarters for cocoa production on the small island.

After my grandparents died, my father inherited a sizable portion of land in Charlotteville and all the debts that went along with it. But a cottage-on-the-beach business that my mother had started with her mother-in-law years before, held up quite nicely through the troubled periods. Now tourists from around the world stay at Man-o-War Bay Cottages.


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