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These are three of my favorite films. If you've seen them before, you'll see that my taste in films is diverse. If you haven't seen these films before, by all means, check them out! Click on the corresponding film poster to see that film's Internet Movie Database page, complete with cast and crew list.

Apocalypse Now

Apocalypse Now gives a different perspective to the war in Vietnam, that of those who went mad from the anarchic environment. A group of army guys travel down the river in search of a renegade colonel (played by Marlon Brando). The search party is led by Lieutenant Willard (Martin Sheen), who has had some problems of his own. The behind-the-scenes story is almost as interesting as the action onscreen. Lead actor Martin Sheen had a heart attack, director Francis Ford Coppola suffered a nervous breakdown and a typhoon wiped out the set.


The most successful foreign film in the United States until Life is Beautiful came out, Z is a political thriller from France. A left-wing political party leader is assassinated and there are hints of a government cover-up. Z perfectly captures the atmosphere of paranoia necessary for a story with such heavy themes as high-level corruption and political assassination.

Dangerous Liaisons

One of the most exciting, important and storied events in the past few centuries was the French Revolution. Dangerous Liaisons features the aristocratic life that French nobles enjoyed before the fall of the Bastille. What unfolds as the film progresses is a dichotomy of rigid morality and tight corsets with rampant manipulation and promiscuity. The storyline could easily be transplanted into a modern-day setting.

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