Black Ambassadors Serving the Students

Connecting you to the resources
and opportunities available on campus


Good self esteem, a sense of pride and passion to strive for excellence are essential elements to become a well rounded person. To ensure that black youths reach their full potential, a new organization focused on the students was established to meet those goals.

Black Ambassadors Serving the Students (B.A.S.S.) is a student organization formed by black students at the University of Florida. Ready to educate, inform and act as a liaison, B.A.S.S. is an outreach coalition which provides services for the students at large, yet with a focus on students of color.

Starting from September 8th to October 1st, B.A.S.S. will sponsor A Month of Empowerment. We will provide workshops on time management, self awareness, spirituality, resume preparation and various other programs to inform students of the resources available at the university and in the community.

As we establish a base for others to stand on, we hope you will become an integral component of the forming foundation.

We WILL do exactly what our name says

B.A.S.S. is sponsored by the
Dean of Students Office

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