My Sorority
Gamma Sigma Sigma National Service Sorority

My Sorority
I am a member of the Epsilon Upsilon chapter of Gamma Sigma Sigma, a national service sorority. I pledged Gamma Sig in the Fall of 1997 with T.O.T.A.L, the twenty-seventh pledge class. Presently, I serve as the chapter's Chaplain.

National History
Gamma Sigma Sigma was formed by an elite group of young college women. The group that is attributed to the establishment of the sorority are the women at the Drexel Institute of Technology. They wanted to establish a national organization that would commit their lives to service and sisterhood.

The Drexel Group discovered the Omega Service Sorority at Boston University and the Women's Service Organization at NYU, which had similar ideals and purposes. The three groups came together at the Constitutional Convention to establish formal ties and form a National Service Sorority.

The Constitutional Convention was held at Beekman Towers in New York City, October 10-12, 1952. Representatives 12 colleges and universities came together to draft and adopt the national constitution, elect officers and name the new National Service Sorority. The date commemorating the Constitutional Convention, October 12, is designated as Founder's Day for Gamma Sigma Sigma National Service Sorority.

Chapter History
Epsilon Upsilon began initially in the fall of 1974. Fourteen women came together to form the UF colony of Gamma Sigma Sigma. After colony charter approval, during the winter of 1975, Sue Rosenhein was elected president.

At the end of the winter of 1975, the colony dissolved. It remained dissolved until 1976, when 15 women expressed interest in reestablishing the colony and becoming a chapter.

During 1976, we accrued a total of 223 hours of service with only 15 members. Our first joint project with AFW was in February, 1977. We helped raise about $600 for the American Heart Association with a Disco Car Wash.

On February 16, 1978, we received a letter from the National Expansion Director stating that the National Board of Directors voted on December 18, 1977 for us to become a charted chapter.

...and the saga continues.
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