Robynne Miller

Poetry Collection
This page contains my favorite pieces of poetry that I wrote in Spring 1999. These poems are only a few selected pieces from my portfolio. Enjoy!



Kinky hair,
watch them stare
as your white daddy nears--

pure and light--
in their sight,
diluted sweat and tears.

Tainted black,
can't go back,
wished your mamma knew

blonde and blue
eyes can't construe
the nigger part of you.
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I saw this woman on the way to Jamaica,
wearing her traveling best.
She caught my attention for quite some time,
For there is not much to do
when waiting on a delayed flight
in a hot, crowded airport.
She must have also been
entertaining to everyone else I suppose;
She certainly had all eyes.
Her vivid appearance parted the sea of people
in the packed airport as she proudly walked by.
She waddled her way to baggage claim A
wearing every color I've ever seen--
mixed like the canvas of a painter.
Neatly braided hair in every direction like
the rows of a corn field.
And in this confusion of color,
She chooses to wear neon green shoes.
As if her clothes weren't enough to bear,
Her tacky, old hand-luggage screamed
to be given up and thrown away.
Patches and tape adorned their exterior,
But she carried them on as if
they were brand new,
darn proud of how she looked
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