MY GARDEN - 1998

One of the most fun and hands-on classes that I have taken at UF (excluding MMC 5015 of course) was my Organic Gardening class. If you can stomach dipping your watering can, and sometimes a little bit of your hand, into a 30-gallon garbage can filled to the brim with wet manure and you like to get your hands dirty, this class is definitely for you.

Pictured here is my partner, Julie, and our beautiful, bountiful garden. It was so satisfying to cook with food that I grew from seeds - I think it made it taste better.


I am from the land of Mickey Mouse (Kissimmee, Fl) and can honestly say that I have never, nor will I ever, be a slave to the mouse. Well, unless I am miraculously offered a six-figure job within the next 2 years, which, I admit, is highly unlikely. So I can stand on my moral high ground without fear.

Someday, in the far and seemingly distant future, I hope to have a job as a book editor (how untechnological!) and work for a publishing company. You know what they say - the ever-illustrius they - that you should do what you love. I've always loved to read and for this reason, being a book editor seems like my dream job. However, times are a-changing and I will strive to remain open-minded. But it's oh-so-difficult.

Home Sweet Home

Costa Rica 1999

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