I was born in Richmond, Virgina and spent most of my time growing up in North Carolina
where all of my family is from. My family moved seven times throughout North Carolina and
Georgia because of my father's job before settling in West Palm Beach when I was 11 years
I'm graduating in the Spring and am very excited about that. Right now I'm really unsure
of what I'm going to do after graduation. I'd like to write for some publication, preferably in
Florida for a while before going back to graduate school. But we'll see!


My dad is a banker and my mom is a nurse. I have a younger brother and a cat and a dog.
So I think you could say I have your standard nuclear family! My brother Dryw, (pronounced "Drew") is a sophomore at UF. He's also my roommate! To say the least, life has become pretty interesting living with him again! I'm kind of a slob and he's a neat freak so we have our clashes!
My parents love Gainesville and are huge Gator fans. They bought Dryw and I a condo to live in so they'll have a place to stay for football games after Dryw and I graduate!

Mom, me, Dryw and Dad!

Dad gets a little crazy on game day!