This site was designed as a class assignment. The purpose was to design a site by hand coding HTML instead of using a WYSIWYG editor (What You See Is What You Get) such as FrontPage. Like the medical use of leeches, HTML coding still has it's place in Web design.
    In fact, most employers require knowledge of HTML of anyone seeking a Web design job (though I'm pretty sure knowledge of leeches won't be required of medical school graduates seeking jobs).
     I spend a lot of time designing Web sites and wanted to combine the time needed for this assignment with something I could put to use elsewhere. I decided to display pictures I took of the first three Gators football games of the 1999 season.
    Why three? Because that's how many home games had been played when this class assignment had to be turned in. Pretty simple, eh? ("Eh" is Canadian for "right." No, I'm not Canadian, but my grand parents were and I like to show off my incredible grasp of complex foreign languages.)
     I needed to scan my negatives to put the pictures on two other sites so I figured I'd do it for this site first. That's why this site is a bit more involved than it needed to be. The use of the obnoxious colors was just too hard to resist after having to use subdued colors on the other sites I've been designing.
    Speaking of those other sites, here are links to four I designed this past summer (1999):

The Gainesville Sun Photo Department
Dr. Bill McKeen's site (journalism dept. chair)
The Knight Center
The 1999 Summer Journalism Institute
UF441 Magazine

    This entire site was coded on a simple text editor with the exception of the pages that the "Do Not Touch" graphic take you to.

-- The two photos on this page were shot
during the spring 1999 Orange-Blue game. --