New Zealand

New Zealand is home to some of the most beautiful lakes and mountains in the world - and the best-looking men. This is probably one of my favorite places in the world. The people are so friendly, and they keep their land very clean.

The lake that you see in the postcard is Lake Tekapoo. As you can see, the water is so clean it almost glows. The people around this lake drink right from it; there is no filter. The water is that clean.

The church is the Church of the Good Shepherd. It is a Catholic church in the middle of nowhere. But, in a country that has three times as many sheep as they do people, you can't help but think that everywhere is the middle of nowhere.

While in New Zealand, I went bungy jumping for the first time. I did it over a river gorge. That was a wonderful experience, but I was so scared. The conductor counted down for me to prepare to jump, and as soon as I left the edge of the bridge I wished I was back on it. But, that would have been a waste of $100. Honestly, the money was the only thing that got me to jump off - it was non-refundable.

The certificate I got for bungy jumping was pretty funny. It said: This certificate says:

Sarah Bembry of U.S.A. has gained all touch of reality and sense of responsibility towards life in throwing themselves off a bridge 43 metres (143 feet) above a rampant raging river attached to nothing more than a great rubber band.

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