My Obsession with Chocolate 
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Who Am I, Anyway? 

Well, currently I am a public relations graduate student at the University of Florida. I received my undergraduate degree from a small private college up in PA called Dickinson College. I grew up in the Annapolis, MD area, which is a beautiful place to live. 

And Why Do I Love Chocolate? 

Ever since my first encounter with the stuff, back in the early years, I have been fixated. Chocolate has been comfort food and a motivational snack 

My Favorites... 
As I grew older, I discovered the different brands of chocolatiers and I developed my own tastes. When I lived in Europe, the world of chocolate expanded even more. My personal favorite brand is Cadbury Chocolate, but it is sometimes hard to find a variety of Cadbury products here in the states. Godiva is another great brand of chocolate a little easier to find. 

Write to Me 

If you have something to say about chocolate or life in general, drop me a line.