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My best friend, Jocelyn, introduced me to Ani one chilly night in Gainesville, FL. She came into my room, cd in hand, and said "Here play this, but it has to be really loud." I popped it in the CD player, jacked up volume and pressed play. Ani DiFranco and her song Untouchable Face (album: Dilate) not only filled my room, but entered our lives and never let go.

That one unforgetable night led me to buying every previous and subsequent cd (all 13 of them). It also triggered my first trip (with Jocelyn) to New York City to see Ani DiFranco play in Central Park. To say the experience was a blast would be an understatement.

What does this unforgetable music sound like?
Ani's music and lyrics are like nothing you have ever heard before or ever will hear somewhere else. Her real, sincere guitar style and lyrics will encompasses and overwhelms. I hate to slide her a music into slot because she deserves one all her own. If I had to label her, she is a folkly, alternative, poetic rocker chic. I know it sounds like an oxymoron, but that's the beauty of Ani DiFranco.

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