Bro(Vasu), Mom(Vasantha with Nephew Ashwath)
Dad(Raman), me and sis-in-law(Hamsa).

Just 3 months old!


Baby Ash's 1st b'day!

So this is my little family!

Dad's actual full name will make Supercalifra....sound like the alphabet! It is torture...hence I must elaborate! Alaigizhamanavalam Venkatarangan Sundararaman...also known as AVS Raman (wonder why!!!). Dad is the Head of Projects and Design with the Bahrain National Oil Company (BANOCO) and has been with BANOCO for the past 21 years! Very organized and punctual person whose good traits have never managed to rub on to me or my bro. BOTTOMLINE: DOUBLE JEOPARDY! Confirmed Workaholic who cherishes his Newspaper and TV time! Also I believe I can get my way with him!

My mom Vasantha is THE homemaker. She has a background in Economics. Very mild-tempered, (discounting all the blows I received when I was a kid!)and sensible, she really does go a long way in keeping our excitable personalities (specially me and my dad's) from going overboard. BOTTOMLINE: The Moderator who has managed to keep her sanity all these years...inspite of me!!!

Bro is officially Srinivas. Just plain old Vasu at home. I grudgingly (very much so!) admit that he is pretty good at a lot of things including feeding his ego. Went to Duke University for a Masters. He is a software engineer who is doing very well for himself in Bangalore, India. Can sing, write, crack crosswords and analytical problems, just loves sports has a great sense of humor and is very annoyingly lazy (please refer to sis-in-law's column)! BOTTOMLINE:Quick on thought and slow in action!

Sis-in-law, Hamsa, is a pretty and pleasant personality. She is constantly ragged by my bully bro...but manages to hold her own...or rather effectively ignores him and takes the punch out of his teasing! (Haven't seen them for a year now and don't know if that equation has changed.) She has a Masters in Economics...and worked for quite sometime in a huge travel firm. As of now, she has her hands full with a bundle of Ash! Hopes to get into computers too. BOTTOMLINE: Merits an endurance award for putting up with bro!

Last but not least, is our pride and joy! The little elf, Ashwath. I saw him last when he was 4 months. He was a cute, intelligent, mischievous, active and happy child. I believe these traits have steadily risen exponentially. He is now 1 yr and 7 months old...will soon see him...not much I can add till then!

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