It's me!

...the Indian 'aggie'gator! Nopes! You didn't read wrong...just the impulsive me who peregrinated from aggieland to gatorland!!!

Namaste! Howdy! Go Gators!

'I am'...

The name's Srividya Sundararaman. Just call me VIDYA. I am from the southern state of Tamilnadu in India. It is a gorgeous and tradition-rich state full of ancient temples, sculptures, beaches and friendly folks! More specifically I am from the capital city of Madras (called Chennai locally),one of the largest and most cosmopoliton metros in India.

I moved to Bahrain, a little island in the Arabian Gulf when I was 8. Did all my schooling there. In fact, my parents still live there. It is a nice, peaceful, laid-back kinda place where everyone just goes high on water-sports.

Then I moved back to India and got my Bachelors and Masters in English from the University of Madras...worked for a while as a copywriter in advertising (both India and Middle East)...and...I'm here

'In the US!'...

I ended up at Texas A&M University, College Station for my PhD in English. Never really took to Aggieland...but was told upon arrival that "once an aggie, always an aggie!" Guess that axiom just stuck...and that explains the 'aggie' part in the 'aggiegator'!

'In my element!'...

At the University of Florida! I am in the Masters program in Journalism and Mass Communication. I always loved writing...and I suddenly had career pangs...just couldn't see myself in a 6-year PhD program in English. Wanted to be part of the 'here and now!' The program is just swell. It is ranked in the Top 5 in the US. And I feel honored to be here. Not to mention the honor of being a Gator!!! Lovely place, this school...full of spirit! Makes you want to look around and feel proud!!!

The final word!

Either you are a GATOR or GATOR-BAIT!


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