With how many gigabytes
does one make a raft
A boat that sails

That sails in this infosea
That makes best uses of the ebbing of this infotide
That takes an oriki from my old orixa
To the port of a diskette of a micro in Taipei
-- English translation of a verse from "Pela Internet" by Brazilian singer Gilberto Gil

This song, "For the Internet," is absolutely one of the best commentaries on the global relevance and personal effect of the Internet. Gil does an amazing job of connecting old and new with this song, based on "For the Telephone," a 1917 tune that was the first samba ever recorded. "Pelo Telephone" was as reverent of that era's technology as "Pela Internet" is of today's.

Gil also brilliantly invokes images of cultural cross-pollination and the persistence of data with the line: That takes an oriki from my old orixa...
Oriki is a type of Yoruba poetry, orixa is a divinity in the Candomble religion of the Yoruba people. The idea of these ancient themes migrating across thousands of miles and thousands of years is something only possible with the Internet.

This 780K .WAV sample doesn't do it justice. Buy Gil's disc "Quanta."

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