James A. Geason

316 SW 80th Drive Gainesville, Florida 32607

Since 1993 Mr. Geason has been president of Sunesis Marketing Group, Inc., a management-consulting firm with offices in Gainesville Florida. The firm specializes in the operational and sales management consulting of mass media companies to increase business profitability and efficiency. The firm conducts marketing research, writes business and marketing plans and offers seminars to develop management and marketing skills for employees and executives in newspaper, radio and television media.

University of Florida, College of Journalism & Communications Ph.D. candidate

University of Florida, College of Journalism & Communications MS 1988

Washington & Lee University, Journalism BA 1983.

Owner and President of Sunesis Marketing Group, Inc. in Gainesville Florida.

Director and General Manager of WRUF AM/FM in Gainesville, Florida from June 1986 to November 1993. Responsibilities at this 5,000 watt news/talk AM and 100 kilowatt album-oriented rock FM included all managerial and operational activities including marketing, personnel administration, planning and budgeting. Directly responsible for a staff of 12 sales people, 20 office personnel and 75 students. Initially hired as Operations Manager. Promoted to Station Manager in October 1985. Promoted to Business Manager in February 1986. Promoted to Director and General Manager in June 1986.

Owner and President of Rockbridge Communications, Inc., and General Manager of WWZD-FM in Buena Vista, Virginia from 1976 to 1982. Responsible for all the activities associated with the establishment of an FM radio station. Prepared all exhibits and documentation necessary to acquire FCC permits. Developed plans and supervised the construction of WWZD-FM a Class A FM station. Served as General Manager and was responsible for all operational and administrative functions including sales, programming public relations, promotion and the supervision of 15 employees.

Account Executive for WKDW-AM/WSGM-FM in Staunton, Virginia from 1975-1976.

Program Director for WREL-AM in Lexington, Virginia from 1972 -1975,

Program Director for WWOD-AM/FM in Lynchburg Virginia in 1972.

Announcer for WREL-AM and WLUR-FM in Lexington Virginia from 1967 - 1971.

 Mr. Geason has conducted numerous seminars and training sessions. The topics have included: business planning; developing marketing plans; the analysis of competitive situations in retailing; effective customer relations; conceptual selling; basic advertising sales techniques; advanced techniques and selling strategies for major accounts; understanding competitive media; and the principles of consultative selling.

He has conducted sessions on the development of marketing plans for radio stations at the National Association of Broadcasters Convention in Atlanta.

He has participated in United States Information Agency training programs for developing radio outlets in Eastern European countries.

Mr. Geason has developed computer software for the tracking and management of clients and salesperson account lists for mass media companies;

He has written computer software for use by media marketing representatives. The software tracks sales by account, month and quarter and provides projections, trends and historical analysis of each account for assessing account development and sales effectiveness.

He has developed prospect tracking software for use at trade shows and conventions. This software allows the user to construct custom questionnaires to collect prospect information, scan in a prospect's business card, run simple statistical analysis on the information collected and generate custom client lead reports based on user specified criteria. These reports can contain scanned images as well as database information.

He has developed computer software for the graphic display of audience information from media ratings. The program is based on factor analytical studies of electronic media audiences and produces a three dimensional representation of a station's audience in relation to all other stations in the market. The program shows the size of the audience and the shared audience relationships between stations.

Geason, J. A. and Sutherland J. Developing an Effective Marketing Plan: A Working Guide for Radio Broadcasters. National Association of Broadcasters. Washington, D. C. 1989 (110 pages).

Geason, J. A. How to Create a Winning Business Plan. Webb Press, Detroit MI 1993 (153 pages).

Geason, J. A. Consultative Selling in Mass Media. Webb Press, Detroit MI 1994 (101 pages).

Sutherland, J. and Geason, J. A. Multidimensional Scaling Using Exclusive Cume Data. Working paper. (26 pages).

Ferguson, M. A., Geason, J. A. and Basham, M. J. Effects of a One-Week Change in Media Habits on Knowledge and Judgments about Presidential Candidates: A Field Experiment. Paper presented to the Communication Theory and Methodology Division, Association for Education in Journalism & Mass Communication, Montreal Canada. 1992. (52 pages).

Mr. Geason has conducted research projects, readership studies and data analysis for companies including:

General Motors, AdSAMÒ analysis of viewers response to GM television commercials (1996).

Sprint Telephone, AdSAMÒ analysis of proposed benefit statements and commercial concepts in anticipation of new consumer/small business product introduction (1996).

Proctor & Gamble, AdSAMÒ comparison of consumer reaction to television commercials for two P&G products (1996).

The Cromwell Group, sales force training and development (1995).

The Columbus Guardian, market assessment, sales force training and development. (1994).

The Orlando Weekly, Sales and expense: historical analysis, future plans. Assessment of market potential (1994).

The Detroit MetroTimes, development of pro forma sales and expense projections for the expansion of the company and the proposed acquisition of additional newspapers (1993).

Game and Fish Publications, questionnaire design for readership study. Data analysis of results, report generation and development of sales materials (1993).

Game and Fish Publications, Client satisfaction: an investigation before shifting marketing strategy and sales focus (1993).

OnSat Magazine, readership study. Questionnaire design, data analysis, report generation and development of sales materials (1993).

Turner/McCleary Communications, Inc. Sales training and marketing material development for T/M clients (1993).

Anderson & Iverson Public Relations Consultants, Analysis of market trends and proposals for changes in marketing strategy for Anderson & Iverson clients (1993).

Smith/Kline/Beecham Pharmaceuticals, Perceptual mapping: How veterinarians perceive and use Smith/Kline products (1992).

Bulloch County Drug Abuse Council, questionnaire design and data analysis. Drug abuse among residents of Bulloch County, Georgia (1992).

Lake Life Magazine, marketing plan development, sales training and market assessment (1992).

Since 1991, Mr. Geason has been a member of the American Marketing Association.

Mr. Geason' 1988 Master of Arts in Mass Communication degree was awarded with high honors for academic achievement.

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