Research Sources

ADV3501 Advertising Research



1992 Study of Media & Research

Library West

A.C. Nielsen Web Site




Ad Week

Library West Business Ref


Adidas Website


HF 6105.U5 575

Advertising Age

Advertising Age Newsletter

Library periodicals

Advertising Age Yearbook

Journalism Reading Room

Advertising Research Foundation

Advertising Research Marketing Bus-Bus Int'l Communications

Advertising Standards Authority

American Advertising

Library West

American Cancer Society Homepage

American Demo. Web Site

American Radio

Journalism Reading Room

American Statistics Index

Science Library

Arizona Program for Nicotine and Tobacco Research

Barren's Online

BIA Investing In '97 Radio Market Report

HE 8698. I56

Budweiser Home Page

Business Browser

Business Periodicals Index

z7164. c81 B9

Cases in Consumer Behavior

HF 5415.3.D42

"Coca-Cola Enterprises, Inc."

"Coca-Cola Enterprises, Inc."


"Common Knowledge, Research Center"

Consumer Reports

Journalism Reading Room

Corona Homepage

Dell homepage

Dir. of Adv. & Marketing Services

HF 5085. D57

Dir. of Business Information

HF54.52.v5 r37

Dunn and Bradstreet

Encyclopedia America

AE 5.E 333

Encyclopedia of Consumer Brands

Library West Business Ref


Findex: Directory of Market Research

Library West

Florida State Beverage Department

Library West

Florida Statistical Abstract 1995

HA 311. F55 1995

Footzone Website


Forecast Newsletter Web Site


Guinness Homepage

Harmon Kardon Homepage

Hoover's Online

Information Monitor Company

Internet homepage

Int'l. Journal of Research In Marketing

Library West

Jell-o Homepage

Journal for Secondary Research


Journal of Ad. Research

Library West

Journal of Advertising

HF 5801.J59

Journal of Marketing

Library West

Kraft info. page

Legg's Website

Levi's Homepage


Library Resource (Also available on-line)

Lexus Nexus

Gazeta Mercantile Online

LNA-Class/Brand category

Library West


UF library database

Market Share Reporter

HF 5415.2.M27

Market Trend

Modern Brewery Age


HF 5412.3

Muscle and Fitness

Library West

Nielsen Homepage

Nike Homepage


Perdue Homepage

Pragmatic Research

Predicast's F & S Index

Library West

Reebok Homepage

Religious TV: The American Exp.

Library West

Saucony Web Page

Scarborough Research Corporation

Scarborough Research Online

Simmons Market Research Bureau

Buying Power


Luis Excite Search Engine

Sony Japan Mini-disti Page

Sony Online

SRDS Report

Library West

St. James's Gate Brewery

Science Library

Standard & Poor's Corp. Records

Library West Business Ref.

Standard Dir. of Advertisers

HF 5805. 5713

Standard Directory of Advertisers

HF 5805.5713

Standard Rate and Data Service

Library West

Statistical Reference Index

Library West

Student Investment Club

TEAC Product Info.

telecommunications Info. Source

"Texaco, Havoline Oil" TX htm

The Information Monitor Company (IMC)

The Market Research Center

The NEW Encyclopedia Britannica

Education Library

The Wire

U.S. Census Bureau

Wall Street Journal website

Wall Street Journal Annual Report

World Book Encyclopedia

Journalism Reading Room



ADV3501 Home Page

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