Copyright Infringements on the Internet

This site is devoted to issues of online copyright infringement. Several U.S. district courts have already confronted cases of unauthorized reproduction of copyrighted materials via the Internet. The cases involved protected computer games, literary works, clipart and photographs. Other materials routinely copied online without the authors' permission include graphics and sound recordings.

Many experts argue that copyright law should be updated to meet the realities of the digital age. At the same time, others insist that regulation of the Internet may "cripple this great new communication medium of the 21st century" (Bruce Lehman, Intellectual Property and the National Information Infrastructure).

This site chronicles this debate by providing information on

The author of this site is Irina Dmitrieva, Ph.D. student at the University of Florida at Gainesville. My academic work focuses on the issues of intellectual property and the Internet. You may learn more about me by visiting my homepage.

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