We're Not Near Kansas Anymore Kino!


The Army said, "Scott move away from there" ... they said Florida is the place you oughta be, so we loaded up the truck and a moved to Beverly ... Hills that is ...

And move we did, to Beverly Hills, Florida. After selling the horses and all the other farmyard forms of life we headed south to the land of "Newly-Weds and
Nearly-Deads". We arrived intact 3 days later with our 7 tons of stuff; dog and cat in tow.

We spent the summer getting settled, hanging out at the beach and traveling as much as we could until it was time to finally get serious and begin classes at
The University of Florida.

Now that we're all in school, there's never a dull moment. We hope this page brings you up to date with a quick snapshot of the goings on here.

Have a look see and drop us an E-mail. Thanks for stopping by!


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