How's the Family

Sadly enough, I come from a family of divorce. Luckily enough, I am still very close to all members of my immediate family.

My sister, Wendy, and I are in that picture together. We are three years apart(I'm older). She also attends the University of Florida. We try to get together as much as we can. I love having a sister who I could call for any reason!

My mother and I are also very close. I am following in her footsteps by becoming a Public Relations Director. We talk on the phone nightly, and I visit as often as I can(Not often enough according to mom). Mom is sad because when I graduate, I do not want to live in South Florida where she lives. I am moving somewhere far away! No mother is happy to see their children go.

My dad and I are also close. We have a different relationship. He is an attorney, and very logical. I have all my money discussions with him, and whenever I have a serious problem I turn to my dad for advice. I talk to my dad weekly, and enjoy his company. In this picture you can also see my car. It is my baby and needs to be included as part of the family.

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