My dad is a University of Florida alumnus as well as a football coach and athletic director. Not surprisingly, I have been a life-long Gator. UF's affordability and top-10 ranked Journalism school also made my decision to go orange and blue a no-brainer. Read on to find out what I do at my home away from home.

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About 40,000 students attend The University of Florida. It is the hub of Gainesville, located in northcentral Florida. It has a beautiful campus, especially in spring when azaleas bloom. I spend most of my time at Weimer Hall, a.k.a. the J-school , or at Hume Hall, my dorm.

The Florida Magazine Association is the parent organization of the club I am president of, the Florida Magazine Student Association. Founded in 1996, FMSA attempts to unite UF's magazine community as well as link its students to publishing professionals. We don't charge dues, but we do have fundraisers. This year, we hope to raise lots of cash to host speakers, visit FMA-member magazines, and go to conferences.

Golden Key National Honor Society is my latest commitment. The UF club inducts about 500 new members annually. The group does numerous service projects such as tutoring foreign students, cleaning up rivers, and picking fruits and vegetables to feed Gainesville's homeless. As Publicity Chair, my main responsiblities are producing a bi-annual newsletter, collecting and writing articles for GK's int'l magazine, and publicizing meetings.

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Sara Lyle
20 Hume Hall #343
Gainesville, FL 32612-2001