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Since I have an incredibly huge number of hobbies, I will address only two of them on this page. It seems only fair to you to do so.

Hiking, Camping and other Manly Stuff

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This is a picture of me rappelling in front of the mouth of a cave some where in the wilderness of Alabama. Pretty cool huh? It's the nature of my personality that causes me to do things like this. I was once a paratrooper/medic in the Army. (That's where I learned to rappell.) But I also like parachuting, scuba diving, camping, and biking.

Writing, The other Hobby

I love to write. I write fiction. I write opinion. I absolutely love to write essays. Even though I am a journalism major, I hate newswriting. It feels too much like "writing in a box" to me. It's the study of journalism that interests me. At any rate, check out my last Alligator Column by clicking here.

Favorite Websites