Amy's Crazy, Wacky, Incredible Homepage!

Welcome to my home on the web! Just sit back and relax and I will tell you all about myself. Make sure you have your traveling shoes, however, because we will be going on a journey through the web too!

For starters, my full name is Amy Lee Verell and I am from the FANTASTIC city of Atlanta.
NOW, I am in the WONDERFUL city of Gainesville,Fla. in

and I love it!

I'm in the right place becuase I love

On a more academic note, I am a senior public relations major and heavily involved in

I am currently interning at the Hippodrome State Theatre where I work in the marketing department.

When I'm not working or going to school, I like to go out dancing with friends, collect '80s music, and write poetry.

I also love learning about Monet

and Andy Warhol.

I hope to one day collect some of their original prints, but until then, posters will do!

I hope you have enjoyed your stay and will come back soon! Before you leave, be sure to check out these other cool sites:

Tip of the day: Whenever you're feeling blue just drink some coffee and watch a movie and all of your troubles will disappear!