My First Page

Welcome to my first stumbling attemps at a home page. My name is Fredline, and I'm a first year student here at the University of Florida. At present, my aim is to get a degree in Telecommunications. However, I don't know how long that's going to last because I have a history of being an extremely undecided person - just ask my friends! You'd think having reached this far in my academic life, I'd know exactly what direction I want my career to go. Not! Anyway, like I stated earlier, this page is extremely experimental and as far as I'm concerned, anything goes. After all, the ultimate purpose is to learn, right? Anyway, just don't be too judgemental, o.k.? Hopefully I'll get better with more practice.

The 'wonderful' graphic you see above is my first attempt to incorporate a graphic on my page. I stole it from the UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA
While searching for links, I received a great tip from a fellow industrious student. If any of you need help with graphics, or colour backgrounds, try this page at The University of Colorado.
The only failing I could find on this page, however, is that it doesn't quite tell me how to actually place one of their vibrant backgrounds on my page. I especially liked firebraid.

I also have an as yet unexplored interest in the galaxy. Stars make me think of how insignificant we really are - and yet, we walk around, swelled with self importance. Doesn't this picture fill you with shivers?

A major interest of mine, one even greater than my love of stars, is writing. Generally, I like to think of myself more as an analyst of Literature, but occasionally I will branch into other subjects. Now that I'm firmly entrenched in the Communication field, a greater proportion of these papers will of course have to be related to media issues. An early example of work I've done in this field was for my "Mass Media In America" class.

When I'm not procrastinating, or claiming writer's block, I'll also write 'poetry' or short stories. To be brutally honest, they're really not that good. I do it to relax more than for any artistic purpose.

If you have any problems, feel free to e-mail me at or fredline@grove.