Outside MoMa

Though I was born and raised in South Florida, my thoughts always turn to New York City. I've visited at least once a year since I was about 15, and each time I return to Florida I can't wait to go back. 18,000,000 people living in five borroughs, acting as the cultural capital of the world. During my last visit to the city I made time to see "Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark." While no one in their right mind would consider that show anything other than complete crap, it's a piece of art that could not exist anywhere else. That's something.

Legendary Maori Warrior

The only time I've been outside of the country was in in summer 2010 when I spent a month with International Student Volunteers in New Zealand. I and 50 other college students from across the globe engaged in environmental conservation work with New Zealand residents and one of the native Maori tribes. Before I went to Aotearoa ("Land of the Long White Cloud" in Maori) I had never held a shovel. When I left I helped plant more than 4,000 trees and had seen breathtaking scenery. It was an experience that was worth every second of the harrowing 15-hour plane ride to get there, and I hope to one day return.