photo of Cristina Vargas

About Me

Born and raised in Hollywood, FL to a Mexican-American father and Chilean mother, I grew up surrounded by family. My favorite color is purple, and my favorite animal is the giraffe. Most of all, I love collecting all things Hello Kitty!

This is my first year at the University of Florida, but I have come in with my Associate of Arts degree from Broward College. I recently changed my major to Telecommunications to follow the Media and Society track. I believe that websites like Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter are growing more powerful by the minute, and although they are a hobby for most of my peers, I am truly interested in their impact on society.

This Online Communications course is a great first step for the Media and Society track as it is teaching me not only how to start and run my own website, but also what a user likes to see. I hope to apply these skills in the future when I intern, and when I find a serious career after that. Ideally, and perhaps I’m dreaming big when I say, I would love to work for a company such as Google.