"Time you enjoy wasting isn't time wasted." -John Lennon

Feel free to explore this site to glimps into the life of Amber Swal.

I'm a passionate and ambitious 21 year old Journalism student at the University of Florida. I'm excited to be pulling myself into the 21st century this semester by learning how to utilize technological tools, such as the web design we're learning in this class.

A little known fact about me: I have a deep fear and fascination of birds.

             ...I'm only afraid of birds. Not spiders or snakes or roaches. Or tigers. (Well, I'd probably be pretty afraid of a tiger.)

This is a photo of a bird that I found during my last trip to the beach. It was unable to fly and was tussling about in the waves, so we took it out of the water, wrapped in a towel, put it under the dock for shelter and called to report it to the State of Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation. We weren't able to stick around long enough to know if the bird was finally rescued, but we did all we knew to do, and I faced my fear of birds for the sake of its rescue.

Bird in waves