Jing's airplane is now landing on China

great wall

1:Ancient Mystery--Beijing

Beijing is the capital city of China and it was also the capital city in a long history. The Great Wall and the Forbidden City are the most famous spots. The latter is where the kings of the past dynasties live. Now it is reserved as a museum and you can see many antiques there.

forbidden city
west lake terminal

3: My hometown--Zhejiang

My hometown is Zhejiang, of which the capital city is Hangzhou. Hangzhou is called "The Heaven of China" because of its beautiful scenery. There are many romantic stories about its West Lake. In summer, many lotus flowers decorate the lake, while in winter, the most interesting thing is the bridge over the lake looks to be broken, and that is because half of it is covered by snow and another half is not.

Oriental Pearl TV Tower terminal

2:Modern City--Shanghai

Shanghai is my second home, since I have been there for eight years for study and work. It is a paradise for shopping, and there are so many delicious foods. I really like to walk on the street, enjoying both the high fashion shows and the modern architectures. The Oriental Pearl TV Tower is the landmark for Shanghai and you can take elevator to the top of it to enjoy the whole scene of Shanghai.