Likes No.1 Khalil Fong

khalil fong
Khalil Fong is my favorite singer and music producer. He is gifted at various instruments such as guitar and piano. His favorite music genres are Soul. Neo-Soul, Jazz, so his first album is named as "Soul Boy".

Till now, he has released 8 albums since 2005, including
"Soul boy" (2005)
"This Love" (2006)
"This Love Live"(2007)
"Wonderland Live"(2008)
"Orange Moon"(2008)
"Timeless" (2009)
and his latest new album "15"(2011)

Watch his MV on YouTube

Likes No.2 Cliffhanger Movies

10 favourite movies 10 cliffhanger movies I like most>>

Likes No.3 Travel

To be honest, I would put it as my top 1 favorite if I can afford.

Travel in the U.S. Travel in China

Hates No.1 Cockroach from the sink

Hates No.2 Out of battery when I almost break a game record

Hates No.3 Notepad++ fails to save my work