I am and always will be interested in traveling to new places, some foreign Photo of Harold leaving with packed bags and some closer to home. I want to swim in each of the oceans around the world and step foot on every continent. The world is a huge place, I by traveling you can make such a huge planet, a lot smaller.

In addition to visiting to different places, I also want to experience different modes of travel. From cruise ships to private jets I plan to do it all and do it big. One of the biggest influences on places I want to visit has been the hours I have spent watching the Travel Channel on television which is one of my favorite networks. I love to see the places that are featured there and I love the food that they eat.

Most of my freshman year of college was spent watching this network with one of my favorite shows being Man vs. Food and the Food Paradise series. The majority of the places on these two shows are here in the United States but I also get a good dose of foreign countries.

I have only been to a few states in the U.S., some of which are Georgia, Massachusetts, and Tennessee but I have only been to two countries outside the U.S.; the Bahamas, and Costa Rica. The most recent of these trips, and the most memorable being Costa Rica.