The Gospel

Before you do anything, you want to know the reason why it is necessary. A high school student may decide to go to college because they have discovered that it is necessary to obtain a degree in order to pursue the career path that they desire. Or someone may begin to eat healthier and exercise because they know it is necessary to live a long life. The bottom line is, before we do anything, we want to know why we have to.

The same thing applies to following Christ. As free moral agents, we want to know why we need to give our lives to Christ. This is the gospel. The good news of Jesus Christ.


Do you think that you are a good person? Why is that? Photo of Jesus is Lord Chalk DrawingIs it because you give to charity or volunteer at a local hospital? Is it because you are not going on a killing spree or that you do pretty good things?

Well imagine for a second a sheep standing in a sea of green grass. When you look at the sheep it appears to be extremely white. Now imagine that same sheep up against a sheet or white computer paper or pure white snow. The sheep now looks a little cream-colored. What happened here? It is still the same sheep so what changed? Only the object of comparison.

When we compare ourselves amongst ourselves we seem "good", but compared to a holy GOD we are not as good as we think we are. It does not matter how good we are, GOD requires perfection. But man can never be perfect so GOD loves us enough to send His Son to die for us and by receiving Him, we attain perfection in His sight.

This is the good news. We do not have to be slaves to the wrong things we do but can receive forgiveness and become a new creation in Christ and reserve our spot in heaven.

Photo of Danesha, Harold, Journey Modeling Get Saved Shirt

What next?

All that's next is for you to make the choice for follow Jesus Christ. It is a choice and it is not something that can and neither should be forced upon anyone.

Jesus is a loving savior who only wishes that we accept His love for us. Upon making the decision, all the Bible says for you to do is confess with your mouth, and believe in you heart that Jesus is Lord and that GOD raised Him from the dead to be saved. This verse can be found in Romans 10:9.

Now it is important to find a bible-believing, bible-teaching church and get plugged in so that you can receive the word of GOD and develop spiritually.