Life is different when viewed through a camera lens. With a Photo of Harold with cameracamera, you can cause one moment in time to last an eternity and I love to capture those moments that have so much emotion but can be quickly forgotten.

Photography is a hobby that I recently acquired through a really good friend of mine, Javier Edwards. An awesome man of god and a professional photographer, Javier took me under his wing when I he saw my interest and innate ability to take quality photographs. After a little training with his old Nikon D40, I was able to assist him in taking pictures at a wedding he was hired for an was even able to edit the shots I had taken.

Now I am his apprentice and I am comfortable in most situations. With his approval, I have even filled in for him on several occasions. As I continue to learn more, my love for the art grows and I am excited to see all the moments that will be caught with my lens.