About Me

I am a junior at the University of Florida studying Telecommunications: Media and Society but before I entered into Photo of Harold Working on Computersthe world of Journalism and Communications, I was an aspiring doctor studying Applied Physiology and Kinesiology: Fitness Wellness. Originally from Miami, Florida, I always had a passion for technology and media, expressed through the hours I watched television, and fiddled with electronics.

I have always been interested in all things digital, so much so that I rarely wear anything other than a digital watch. Now the digital world has become my passion, and along with my entrepreneurial spirit, and the grace of GOD, my business is about to take off.

My Faith

Other than my love for all things digital, I have a love for Jesus Christ. As a Christian, I am glad to say that I am having an amazing time enjoying myself and the people around me. However, it was not always this way. Although I originally grew up always going to church, I rarely did any of what I was taught. Leaving home for college, I had more freedom to do whatever I wanted so I only strayed farther and farther away...until my life was changed.

I was invited to a non-denominational church, Spirit of Faith Christian Center, by a friend of a friend and I went out of curiosity never expecting to have an encounter with GOD. From the moment I walked in until the message was done, I was struck. Everything the pastor said was true and all of it registered with me. On that day I decided to have a relationship with Jesus Christ instead of just participate in the religion of Christianity. The salvation that I received is available for everyone, you just have to be willing.

Photo of Samir Thomas' Plate of Chicken and Shrimp

My Interests

One of the final interests that I have is great food. I love to eat which is why my favorite television stations are the Food Network and the Travel Channel. If there is great food and great people, I think that you can't help but enjoy yourself. I am not sure what my favorite food is specifically but I have a few categories. The first being barbecue, followed by anything else that tastes good!!!

Something that goes hand in hand with great food is travel, another activity that I enjoy. I have not been many places, particularly outside the United States but I plan to travel the world and visit every continent, save Antarctica. I discover a lot of the places that I want to travel while watching the Travel Channel and many of the reasons why I want to travel to a place is because of the food. I am excited for my future adventures. Oh the places I'll go!