Emily Stanton

Hey I'm Emily. This is my project for a coding/journalism class.

I go to the University of Florida.

I am a girl who loves all things strange, unusual or whimsical. My tastes in everything are diverse.

I love Italian and Japanese food. Sometimes even together! I've been a vegetarian for nine years.

I am a metal head at heart, but I love happy hardcore and techno, as well as J-rock, K-pop and ska.

Right now I am a sophomore at UF. I am taking creative writing, statistics and Japanese along with this class. それは多くの作業です!

I work at the AT Computer Labs on campus. I started fall 2011.

I am a big anime fan. I love classic shonen manga and anime like Rurouni Kenshin and DBZ. I am also a fan of some shojo like Ouran High School Host Club and WJuliet.