Mai Travel Experiences

Soul and the body, either one has to be on the road.

 I am standing on the top of Hua Mountain

Ever since middle school, my dream was to travel around the world. I have been to 50 cities in China, ranging from the big city in the south to the remote north town near Russia. So far, my favorite city in China is Xi'an. It has a history of 3100 years and known as the capital of 6 different dynasties. Hua Mountain is located near Xi'an. The mountain is a place of retreat for hardy hermits, whether Daoist, Buddhist or other. Only deliberately strong-willed people could found "the way" to the peak. In spring 2010, I tested my mettle and climbed to the peak of Hua Mountain.

Learning Taekwondo at Seoul At the summer of 2008, I studied at Konkuk University of Korea for 3 months. I learned Korean culture through taking class at ceramics, Taekwondo, and making their traditional food Kimchee. The cultural workshops really changed my previous impression on Koreans as stubborn and unfriendly people. I think they do an excellent job in preserving their cultures and respect others.

As an international student, I seize every opportunity in U.S to observe and experience this beautiful country. Last winter, I gave up sunshine Florida and visited my dream city New York, then Boston and then Philadelphia.

This summer, I packed again and took my parents to Hawaii, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and the Great Canyon. We had such a wonderful family time at Honolulu, the capital of Hawaii. I'd like to sit by the beach side and enjoy the weather all day long.