Mai Fashion

"I do not do fashion, I make them." --Coco Chanel

Tyra and her models from the TV show

Every woman can be Miss. Chanel if you have an eye for fashion. I watched American's Next Top Model since I was 14. This reality show is a milestone that signals the beginning of my journey in fashion photography. Now, CW Channel is airing Season 17 All Star. I'm thrilled to see so many familiar faces from the previous seasons.

Every episode is comprised of a fashion knowledge contest and a photo shoot. The winner has to go through a long journey: 12 different photo shoots, interviews and the final runway show. When the host, Tyra Banks finally announces the winner, I feel like I have experienced this wonderful journey together with the girl. Excited as I am, I often burst into happy tears.

Me in different clothes styles

Based on my journey in fashion industry, here are some ways to enhance fashion sense: