Mai's Journey

"life is a journey, not a destination."--Ralph Waldo Emerson

Welcome aboard. This website is a place for you to travel with me to learn about my fashion styles, my hobbies, and my travel experiences. Fasten your seat belts and enjoy your journey with me.

Hi, I am Mai Shi

Currently, I am a second-year public relations graduate student at the University of Florida. I chose 'journey' as the keyword of my website because I believe life is full of adventures waiting for me to explore.

There's a wanderer live inside me. I have to keep moving, keep traveling, keep experiencing, to satisfy the unceasing desire of that wanderer. Now, as a Chinese girl studying in the U.S., everything in this foreign country is new and challenging. I learned how to cook, how to drive and how to be independent. Most importantly, this country offers me freedom and courage to chase my American dream.

To be a corporation's public relations professional is part of my American dream. I want to become an expert of Corporate Social Responsibility, Crisis Communications, Fashion public relations.