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Apple Pie


My interest in pie began during my freshmen year of college. After the shocking and stressful realization of how much work college was going to be, I realized I needed a new hobby. I started spending time with a new friend who was very different from me that I had very few things in common with. Eventually we discovered that we both greatly enjoyed baking and the show “Pushing Daisies,” a show whose main character owns a pie shop. During our first round of finals we decided to make our first pie: an apple pie. We split the ingredients list, met at my dorm and made a pie. The tedious process of making the crust and the pounds of apples that had to be peeled, sliced and sugared were the perfect thing to take our mind off of our impending exams. It soon became a routine whenever either of us had a test and I do dread test time a lot less.

Strawberry Pie

Unfortunately, my dear pie-baking friend left after our first year at the University of Florida to go do mission work in Guadalajara, Mexico. But with school continuing to get harder I was left with no other choice but to keep baking. At first I didn’t like making pies for myself, but I quickly found an outlet for my baked goods. During one of my classes we were required to make a blog on something we were interested. I decided to document my escapades in the kitchen. I would bake a pie, talk about the cooking process on my blog, and then bring the pie with me to class. It was a wonderful experience and I try to keep up with the blog as much as possible, although I must admit that I’m not as diligent as I would like to be.

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