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Editing Clips - Indian Election

"Dynasty, Charisma Square Off in Indian Election" — I edited this news-feature about an election in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh on deadline for and the U.S. edition of The Wall Street Journal. It had run previously in an overseas edition. The story focuses on the political battle between Rahul Gandhi, the heir of the Nehru-Gandhi political dynasty, and Kumari Mayawati, a popular leader from the Dalit community. I wrote the headline and cutline for the story in addition to content and copy editing it. It was also cut for length.

Editing Clips - Butter Cows

"Cow Sculptor Buttered Fingers" — I wrote the headline for this obituary (called "Remembrances") about a woman who was famous for sculpting cows made from butter. The story appeared in the U.S. edition of The Wall Street Journal. Another editor primarily handled the story but offered me the opportunity to write the headline after he had difficulty with it.

Editing Clips - Karzai

"Afghan Ruler Appoints Brother" — I edited this major news story about Afghan President Hamid Karzai appointing a half-brother to an important position following the assassination of another half-brother. I handled the story for and all editions The Wall Street Journal. I wrote the headlines (print and online) and cutline for the story as well.

Reporting and news writing

"Need for new convention center outweighed by cost" — I interviewed the mayor and city council chairman of Jacksonville for this news story examining the Jacksonville community's need for but difficulties building a new convention center. It was the major story for a Jacksonville Business Journal special report on meeting planning.

"CNN poll measures chance of Obama's re-election" — I localized this national story about a poll on Obama's re-election to the Gainesville area for The Independent Florida Alligator.

"Improving the odds" — For the Business Journal, I wrote this profile of a local businessman with a snapshot into his belief in serendipity in life and business.

"World Hypnotism Day celebrated at local bookstore" — I wrote this event story on the quirky celebration of hypnotism in a Gainesville location for the Alligator.

Creative writing

"Love & Logic" — I wrote this nine-part novella in 2008: "In 19th-century England, Katharine Windham is a proper young lady with the pursuits of such status in mind. To find a husband of good reputation and fortune. Moving into a new county, she expects good opportunities to find the right man. Little does she know what 'adventures' await her."

"Phoenix" (excerpt) — This is an excerpt from a 70,000-word novel I wrote for National Novel Writing Month in 2010. "In the year 2045, Kate Bronson-Davies is an agent with a secret government bureau of people with superhuman gifts. Few know it exist, and to the outside world, Kate is just a postal inspector in Atlanta. But when a routine trip to the airport to pick up her cousin and her cousin's fiance turns into a run for their lives, Kate is forced to push her special skills to the limit and turn to anyone who can help, including her estranged ex-husband."

Critical writing

"Young Mister O'Hara: Irish Identity in Kim" — I wrote this paper in late 2010 on the presence and function of Irish ethnic identity as a limbo status between white colonizer and nonwhite colonial subject in Rudyard Kipling's Kim. In it, I explore Kipling's complicated view of ethnicity with regard to imperialism, the application of characteristics similar to Orientalism to Irish identity, and the shifting politics of Irish identity with regard to imperialism.

"Orientalism Through Stage and Film in The Golden Beetle" — I wrote this paper in September 2011 on the short 1909 film The Golden Beetle. I examine the aspects of both stage and film that The Golden Beetle, as early cinema, uses to create an image of Orientalist magic.

"Inara Serra: The Future of Exoticism" — I wrote this paper in spring 2010 on the use of exoticism, as defined by Malek Alloula in The Colonial Harem, in the science-fiction TV show Firefly, particularly focusing on the character of Inara Serra.


Blog - News

"All The News That's Unfit To Print" — I write sporadically for this blog about the mistakes that I find in the news. Topics include poorly written headlines, grammar mistakes, cultural sensitivity, lack of clarity and bad juxtapositions.

Blog - Filmi Gator

"The Filmi Gator" — I write once week (or more) for The Filmi Gator blog at The Independent Florida Alligator. For this blog, I write about the Hindi-language film industry (Bollywood) and several related topics, such as filmi music, for both a general and a Bollywood-knowledgable audience. I was the creator of the blog, and it has become one of the most-read blogs on our website, sometimes drawing enough traffic to be the most-read item on our entire website, including news.

Blog - Bollywood Queens

"Bollywood Queens" — I am the most frequent contributor to this three-author blog about Bollywood films. The blog has gained a steady following for its lighthearted discussion of Bollywood films and actors and is a member of the IndiBlogger network.


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