Growing up, people would tell me that I was too little to play sports. I wanted to prove them wrong, so I started playing soccer in fourth grade. I have been playing soccer every year and was even selected for my high school's Varsity girl's soccer team. I love playing all kinds of sports. I want to try every sport at least once, because you'll never know how you'll feel about it unless you try. Along with soccer, I also joined my high school's Varsity Girls Lacrosse Team. Through out high school, I have participated in soccer, lacrosse, cheerleading, and cross country. While in college, I have had the opportunity to join more intramural sports. I've played intramural soccer, flag football, volleyball, softball, and tennis. On the side, I enjoy playing other sports like racquet ball, tetherball, and many more. My biggest accomplishment was when I was awarded "Most Athletic" by the Vietnamese Student Organization. This award was difficult to win because of the numerous students who also enjoyed playing sports.

Mai after a Lacrosse game

When I'm not feeling active, I enjoy playing boardgames and other leisure activities. My brother taught me to play Chess when I was in third grade, and Chess has been my favorite board game ever since. I even joined the Chess club in high school. I also love to go fishing. I can go fishing until 4:00 AM. Some people think that fishing is boring, but I think it's actually really relaxing and exciting, especially when I see the tug of my fishing pole. Sometimes, I wish I lived closer to the beach so that I can go fishing as many times as I want. I also love to do arts and crafts. Many people have said that I have a very vivid imagination, and this helps a lot when I feel like being creative and making projects.

When I feel like staying indoors and being lazy on the couch, I enjoy feasting on junk food or fresh fruits and watching my favorite TV shows. My favorite shows include: