A few of my favorite things

Gator ChompListed below, you can read some things that I like. Reading these items, you can get an idea of who I am as an individual.

One bit, two bit. . .

I'm a huge Gator fan. I never really used to own very many orange or blue things, but now I find my closet full of Gator paraphernalia. Truth be told, I had never been to a football game before I came to UF. My first game in the Swamp was exciting and nervewracking. I remember getting lost on my way to the Swamp, being surrounded by a sea of hot, sweaty bodies outfitted in Gator colors and hearing people yelling to each other "Go Gators!" Little did I know that one football game in September would cause the sport to be one of my favorite past times.

Now, I find myself 'chomping' at strangers in orange and blue attire and saluting them in Gator greetings as it were replacing my standard exchanges of "Hello."

Whether it's going to Ben Hill Griffin stadium, a restaurant or relaxing at an apartment, I always try to make the activity of watching a Gator game an event. I cannot wait to graduate into the greater Gator nation and have a alumni license plate border on the back of my car. When I graduate and get married, I want to buy a french bulldog and dress it up in gameday sweaters and take it to tailgates.

swamp Also, like most girls in their early '20s, I like to go to shopping and hang out with my friends. I used to do yoga and pilates for about five years, but when I came to college, I replaced the yoga mat with an elliptical machine.

Now, whenever I have free time, I like to go jogging or cycling. Besides working out, shopping or sleeping, I also like to watch movies. I like many different types of genres, like comedy and drama. I would consider myself a pretty relaxed person, and don't let too many things bother me.

Except when the Gators lose.