Peru Photo

I've been to seven countries...

  1. Peru

    This past summer, I traveled to Peru with my boyfriend and his family. I had never been anywhere in South America before. The experience could not be compared to any other place I have been, which is my favorite aspect of traveling. In the short span of nine days, we were able to tour cities such as Lima, Cusco, Puno, Agua Caliente, Sacred Valley, and see the infamous Machu Picchu. I can definitely say that this trip was exhausting, but in the best way imaginable. We woke up some mornings at 4 AM, but in return, I was able to witness and learn the history behind this beautiful country each minute I was awake... which was much more than my typical schedule for school. I really hope I can go on their next summer trip, which is to either Africa or Greece and Turkey. My fingers are crossed!

  2. Canada

    This was another vacation with my boyfriend and his family. This was only a four day trip, but it was to another place that I had never been to before. We traveled to Canada during Memorial Day weekend of the spring semester last year. Like I said, we had limited time, but we were able to ski three days, go night sledding, and dog sledding in Mont Tremblant, Canada. I go skiing every winter in Montana, but I had never been out of the country, or even skiied in a different city. A day and a half of the trip was spent teaching my boyfriend how to snowboard, which, I admit, was the highlight of my trip.

  3. France

    My trip to France was another short-lived weekend trip. During my sophomore summer in college, I went on the College of Journalism and Communications study abroad trip to England and Ireland. During one of our free weekends on this month-long adventure, a group of eight classmates, including me, chose to adventure off to Paris. It has always been a goal of mine to visit the city, so I thought I might as well go while I'm already in Europe. We had some crazy experiences along the way, but it was one of those college experiences that i will be telling my children. The "most romantic city in the world" was just that. I would love to travel here again with my husband some day.

  4. England

    I spent two weeks out of our month abroad in London, England. We took all of our classes at the University of London Union. Taking classes in a foreign country is one of my favorite stories to tell. I am known by all of my friends and family to be one of the most directionally-challenged people in the world. However, when we arrived to London, I was told that we had to wake up each morning at 7AM, walk to the Underground Tube station, choose our route to the University, and then walk until we find it. Or, this is at least how I heard it. They gave us a map, but I didn't understand. Thankfully, my best friend on the trip took all of the same classes and we did this together each early morning before class. Unfortunately, she wasn't with me when I told my brother that I would meet him at a location half way between his dorm and mine without a phone or a clue where he actually meant. I finally found him about 2 hours after the planned meeting time, and the movie we were supposed to see in theatres had already ended. My brother had an internship in London at the same time of my study abroad trip. Our dormitories were approximately half the size of my queen-sized bed. My roommate, whom I had never met before, were forced to become friends quickly. Ireland Photo

  5. Ireland

    Ireland was my favorite place out of the three on my study abroad trip two summers ago. One week was spent in Dublin, and the other was spent in Galway. The people all around Ireland were truly the nicest people I had ever met. If we needed help finding a place or wanted a recommendation, each stranger went totally out of there way to help us out. The cliffs of Moher and the cliffs in Aran Islands were the most spectacular site I have seen and I think I will ever see. I went on this study abroad trip not knowing a single person and came back calling them my best friends. I recommend that every college student study abroad one semester, or even one summer once because you probably won't get the chance right out of college when you are looking and applying for your first job. It was the best decision I have ever made. I got to see three beautiful countries and made best friends along the way. Not to mention, I was able to finish six credits while I was there.

  6. The Bahamas

    Each summer, I travel to The Bahamas twice on a company yacht. The fist trip is with my dad's side of the family, and it serves as a reunion because some family members live outside of Florida. When I tell this to most people, they think its probably eight or nine other family members, but, in fact, there is always about twenty individuals on the boat at the same time. The second trip comes shortly after we return from the first one. My immediate family and one guests spend a full two weeks with me on the boat right before the fall semester starts each year. We change the islands that we visit each time so that we get to experience new places, catch different fish, and order drink from different bars. This trip is most relaxing vacation I have ever been on, and it is perfect after a long summer of working and before a stressful semester begins.

  7. The Cayman Islands

    I went to the Cayman Islands once about four years ago with just my mom, dad, and brother. We were blessed to stay in a beautiful condo overlooking the water. The condo was built right on one of the prettiest beaches on Grand Cayman Island. We went out to dinner each night to beachy restaurants and tanned each day before-hand. It was a beautiful place that I would definitely like to visit again.

And I'll be going on more soon.